I'm Aleksandra, a beauty / fashion / lifestyle illustrator and tea addict based in London.

I help my brave clients explore new visual directions with illustrations, a less conventional form than photographs or video.

My favourite techniques are mix media, watercolours and coloured pencils. One could describe my style as colourful, full of colour splashes and detailed elements with contrasting, varied textures. Apart from fashion illustration I also create portraits, which usually are private commissions.

I had an opportunity to work with fashion brands, magazines, design studios including: Armani, Baggin.me, D2G Apparel, H&M Illustrashion Magazine, MilkyX, MyThing, NOH8 Syndicate, POCA & POCA, Rampley & Co, SENS.US, Studio Tord Boontje and Urban Outfitters.

I am available for commissions and would love to hear from you, so feel free to drop me an email with any request!

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Photo by Marina Vitale