Favourites #10

  1.  An amazing artist that I discovered earlier this month - Karli-Lise. After seeing her magical works on Instagram, I was really suprised when she showed how she had painted a couple years ago. It is truly amazing how an artist can grow by hard work. Really inspiring. She recently shared a video where she talks about her career, definitely worth seeing!
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Favourites #9

  1. I recently went to see Menswear Illustration Exhibition promoting new book by talented Richard Kirloy. I definitely need this album in my collection!
  2. Great discovery of the month: Franned - an illustrator based in Berlin. She has a great YouTube channel where she shares her illustrations and advice around the subject. Love her style!
  3. Artist & Illustrators - a magazine with news about upcoming events, interviews with artists and advice about creating. Really great stuff!
  4. The Big Painting Challenge -  I haven't had a chance to watch these new BBC series, but it definitely sounds interesting!



Rampley & CO

Recently I had an opportunity to create illustrations for Rampley & CO - a  British luxury pocket square company. I illustrated an article 'Matching a pocket square and tie' which you can read HERE. I hope you like it!


Favourites #8

  1. An interview with Pippa McManus -the illustrator talks about her beginnings, about fashion and her plans for the future. Love her work!
  2. Disney animators study their reflections in the mirror to draw their characters right
  3. 1 page at a time by Adam J. Kurtz - I recently bought this 'book/journal/sketchbook/diary/calendar/whatever you make of it'. I usually struggle when I want to draw in my sketchbook everyday and I forget to do it or don't have any good idea, this book is a perfect way to create every single day in a relaxed way.
  4. I'm in love with Rifle Paper CO.! It's a stationery brand with the most beautifully illustrated notebooks, calendars, cards etc. I think I need all these products in my life...
  5. I was lucky enough to get 100 Illustrators book for Christmas. Amazing 2 volume Taschen album is just a perfect inspiration.