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Favourites #12

  1. Beautifully designed branding for a pillow and candle company by a Polish creative studio - Olle.
  2. My new favourite artist: J.A.W. Cooper.
  3. Really inspiring talk by Ben Chestnut (co-founder of MailChimp) about doing what you love.
  4. Did you know that Mad Men is over? To delay this sad moment I went to see the Mac Conner: A New York Life exhibition. The illustrator is described as an original Mad Man. You can see a short interview with the artist here. (the exhibition is open till 28th June in House Of Illustration, London)
  5. So you want to be a freelancer? A few advice from an illustrator Ben Tallon who has just published a book called Champagne and Wax Crayons.


Favourites #10

  1.  An amazing artist that I discovered earlier this month - Karli-Lise. After seeing her magical works on Instagram, I was really suprised when she showed how she had painted a couple years ago. It is truly amazing how an artist can grow by hard work. Really inspiring. She recently shared a video where she talks about her career, definitely worth seeing!
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Favourites #9

  1. I recently went to see Menswear Illustration Exhibition promoting new book by talented Richard Kirloy. I definitely need this album in my collection!
  2. Great discovery of the month: Franned - an illustrator based in Berlin. She has a great YouTube channel where she shares her illustrations and advice around the subject. Love her style!
  3. Artist & Illustrators - a magazine with news about upcoming events, interviews with artists and advice about creating. Really great stuff!
  4. The Big Painting Challenge -  I haven't had a chance to watch these new BBC series, but it definitely sounds interesting!



Favourites #8

  1. An interview with Pippa McManus -the illustrator talks about her beginnings, about fashion and her plans for the future. Love her work!
  2. Disney animators study their reflections in the mirror to draw their characters right
  3. 1 page at a time by Adam J. Kurtz - I recently bought this 'book/journal/sketchbook/diary/calendar/whatever you make of it'. I usually struggle when I want to draw in my sketchbook everyday and I forget to do it or don't have any good idea, this book is a perfect way to create every single day in a relaxed way.
  4. I'm in love with Rifle Paper CO.! It's a stationery brand with the most beautifully illustrated notebooks, calendars, cards etc. I think I need all these products in my life...
  5. I was lucky enough to get 100 Illustrators book for Christmas. Amazing 2 volume Taschen album is just a perfect inspiration.



Favourites #7

  1. 5 Key Thoughts For Young Creatives - Kelly Thompson shares her 'five key thoughts for creatives starting out'. The most important thing is to always remeber that your idols didn't become succesful by waiting for something to happen, but simply by hard work.
  2. Juxtapoz Hyperreal: Magic - Jen Mann and Juxtapoz Hyperreal: Perspective - Zaria Forman - I'm sure that I already told you about these two artists, but I encourage you to see these two short videos. Jenn Mann and Zaria Forman talk about ideas behind their work. This project was created by Juxtapoz magazine to promote their new book called Juxtapoz Hyperreal. I haven't had a chance to see the book yet, but I'm sure it's amazing.
  3. A Q&A with Proko, Marshall Vandruff and Court Jones - I also mentioned about Proko and his You Tube channel, but this video in particular is really helpful to everyone who creates or want to start drawing. Stan Prokopenko along with Marshall Vandruff and Court Jones answer people's questions about drawing, anatomy, perspective, freelancing and facing creative crises. Definitely worth seeing!



Favourites #6

  1. I've recently come across Bethany Gosvener artwork. She draws huge size, realistic portraits using pencil. Simply amazing.
  2. Do you know a comic titled 'Thorgal'? I've always been a fan of it (this is an advantage of having older brothers), but I've just realised that all the drawings are created by a Polish illustrator - Grzegorz Rosiński. His creative process made such a big impression on me. You have to see it:
  3. If you're interested in fashion and you live in London, the 'Women Fashion Power' exhibition in Design Museum is something for you. The whole area is divided by few time periods where you can see how the fashion changes over te years. A lot of photos and actual historical pieces of clothing. The only disadvantage: tickets aren't too cheap.
  4. How much should I charge? This is a question which I have to ask myself on and on, and I never know which answer is correct when it comes to freelance work. This site is a great help!
  5. On 22th of October I went to a Sketchbook workshop with Olivia Whitworth organised by Ideas Tap. I hadn't known Olivia's work before, but after taking a look, I was really impressed and decided to participate. Olivia prepared a sketchbook presentation and then all the attendees had a chance to create something in their books. After this, we had a little discussion about our work and we asked Livi questions about her career. I'm not sure if the workshop was a one-time thing, but I definitely recommend going to different events connected with your passion. It could be a great inspiration and motivation to keep going.



Favourites #5

artwork by Zaria Forman

  1. Zaria Forman - Could you belive that this drawings are not photographs?! They're made with pastels. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!
  2. Proko - I'm recently struggling a little bit with my art so I was looking for a good course which could help me remind some basic drawing rules. Stan Prokopenko gives really good advice doing it in a fun way. Definitely worth checking no matter if you're beginner or more experienced artist.
  3. Twisted Sifter - I've found this site by accident and I've got lost in it... I just couldn't stop scrolling down because I've constantly come on something interesting and inspiring. So arrange some free time and enjoy!



Favourites #4

Design Seeds

 Here are the things I loved in July:

  1. A beautifully illustrated site by Simone Massoni
  2. 'How to be an illustrator' by Darrel Rees - an amazing, practical book which answered on a lot of my questions like 'how to find a job' and 'how to prepare for a meeting with a client'.
  3. I've just got back from my holiday in London where I've visited Tate Modern gallery. I have to be honest - I'm not a biggest modern art fan, but the building itself is impressive. And the VIEW from last floor - breathtaking!
  4. Design Seeds is a useful site where you can find color palettes inspired by everyday life.



Favourites #3

painting by Aleksander Gierymski

Here are the links I loved in June:

  1. A great source of art contests connected with music CLICK
  2. There is an Aleksander Gierymski's art exhibition in the National Museum in Warsaw. Definitely it's worth seeing, his works look incredible live. You have time till 10th of August CLICK
  3. Judith van den Hoek has started great series of Q&A posts. Here's the text about handling a first assignment CLICK
  4. And another great series of posts, this time by the author of the 'I love gooseberry' blog. She's started to write about mistakes made by bloggers CLICK
  5. At the end a little bit of inspiration: René Gruau