Inktober 2016


Last October I took part in a challenge called Inktober - drawing almost every day of the month and sharing the process on my Instagram. I managed to create 20 illustrations, all of which you can see below. All of my illustrations were inspired by Spring 2017 Fashion Week.

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Favourites #12

  1. Beautifully designed branding for a pillow and candle company by a Polish creative studio - Olle.
  2. My new favourite artist: J.A.W. Cooper.
  3. Really inspiring talk by Ben Chestnut (co-founder of MailChimp) about doing what you love.
  4. Did you know that Mad Men is over? To delay this sad moment I went to see the Mac Conner: A New York Life exhibition. The illustrator is described as an original Mad Man. You can see a short interview with the artist here. (the exhibition is open till 28th June in House Of Illustration, London)
  5. So you want to be a freelancer? A few advice from an illustrator Ben Tallon who has just published a book called Champagne and Wax Crayons.